Castaways | Artist: Łukasz Murzyn

Place: Rynek Główny 25 | MCK underground gallery

Open: 13.06.2021 between 11am – 7pm.

Closing: 13.06.2021 | 5pm

Our fate seemed to have been decided for a long time. Best we could do was to try and adapt to reality. We tried multiple attitudes. Understood adaptation in many ways. We wondered what we would be able to smuggle to the other side, what might be useful there, what can we hope for, what to expect from this new normality. And now? On this side? It’s hard to describe! This sweet glow and warmth! This catastrophe was necessary for us to get here.

How to take power away from the old eye that knows | Artists/Curators: Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza, Katarzyna Kukuła

Place: Józefińska 9 | Remedy Culture Club Gallery / Razem Pamoja
Opening: 13.06.2021 | 8pm

The opponent with whom Aleksandra Młynarczyk-Gemza wants to fight with her photographs is a certain perception habit created by our culture – a turbocapitalism created by banks, corporations and invigilation, commodification of our perception and relations and finally the apparent eroticization and sexualization of the visual sphere. All of this is constantly accompanied by patriarchal axiology – restrictive, judgemental, dogmatic, ruthless towards mistakes and deviation.