Hope calls for action

Artists: Monika Chrabąszcz-Tarkowska, Barbara Janczak, Marcin Klag, Daria Malicka, Przemysław Paliwoda, Karolina Szafran, Marta Szmyd, Olga Turkiewicz, Marcin Urbańczyk, Katarzyna Wojdyła, Anna Zabdyrska

Place: Podbrzezie 3-5 | The terrace of the Faculty of Arts building
Open: 14-20.06.2021 | The exhibition is visible from Podbrzezie street

The idea refers to the mission statement of Krakers and suggests a polemic – ‘Hope calls for action’ – and its typological interpretation. It also harks back to the title of Rebecca Solnit’s book ‘Hope in the dark: Untold histories. Wild possibilities’, in which the author writes about survival through cooperation and being active despite doubt.

Noe, or the last temptation of God (Genesis 6-9)

Artist: Piotr Jargusz

Place: The staircase, yard, veneer and apartments in the house at 47 Dietla street
Opening: 14.06.2021 | 4pm-8pm
Exhibition open: 14.06.2021 | 4pm-8pm, 15.06.2021 | 11am-5pm

A presentation of images inspired by the story from the Book of Genesis in which Noe is putting all living creatures in boxes to protect them from the flood and additionally realizes the fragility of his life. The exhibition takes place in an old Jewish house. A series of paintings on paper is leaving the artist’s studio and finds new surprising place for it. What will happen?

The artist was for many years showing his works by putting them on advertisement poles all around the city, this time choosing to show them to his neighbours, passers by and homeless.

Museum of Meanings

Artist: Andrzej Najder

Place: Brzozowa 14 | ‘2 światy’ Gallery
Opening: 14.06.2021 | 4pm-6pm
Exhibition open: 14-20.06.2021 | 4pm-6pm

Museum of meanings. Dead cities, living in a lockdown. We are being tested recently, forced to take a stance and review our perspective on many things. Empty streets reveal new-old artifacts and meanings which we’ve never noticed before. We are witnesses of changes which will influence our future life. ‘Museum of meanings’ is a series of photographs taken on film, discovering modern Kazimierz again, looking for universal meanings and trying to create a dialogue with today.

Day by day

Artists: Natalia Kopytko, students of the Workshop of Sculpture and Actions in Space
Curator: Natalia Kopytko

Place: ‘Zejście’ Gallery | Mazowiecka 43
Opening: 14.06.2021 | 4pm
Exhibition open: 14-18.06.2021 | 11am-5pm

The times we are living in made us reset our thinking habits. New environment that surrounds us influences the way we look at our world. Difficult and complicated situations are often experienced in isolation of our homes. Artists taking part in this project confront their loneliness, trying to recreate their relations with objects, their meanings and emotional values. This newly created web of relationships, memories and meanings builds a bridge between owners of these objects, a kind of a map of their relations.


Artists: members of the Art and Science Club of the Faculty of Arts and Artistic Education of the Pedagogical University
Curators: Marek Batorski, Sebastian Bożek

Place: Klub Kazimierz
 | Krakowska 13 |

Opening: 14.06.2021 | 6pm-8pm
Exhibition open: 14.06-10.07.2021 | 11am-2pm and 3pm-6pm

The exhibition reflects on the motto of this year’s Krakers – ‘(No)Hope’. It shows relations with other people, with ourselves to which we pay the most attention during the pandemic. Lockdown forced us all to change the way we communicate not only at work or school, but also with our close friends and relatives. When ‘normal’ relations disappeared people got a chance to see how important they are in their lives. We’ve all had to adjust to the new reality and find new ways to communicate.