Mustard before the dinner – benefits package


Pińczyńska Magdalena, Jurkowska Magdalena, Ochman Patrycja, Ochman Paulina, Westrych Tomasz, Sarnat Łukasz, Kapela Wojciech, Wójcik Tomasz, Braun Marek, Szumiec Paweł, Wojtaś Krzysztof, Michał Zakrzewski


Barbara Guzik, Paweł Szumiec


ul. Józefa 40


Opening 24.10 at 7pm


Exhibition will be open until
23.10. – 21:00
24 – 25.10 – 20:00

Event description

The ‘Mustard before the dinner – benefits package’ exhibition will showcase works by artists associated with the Academy of Fine Arts and an informal group of Sensoric Minimalists. They are related through place (the Academy), spirit and ideological baggage, growing during common activities within the framework of the Society for Promoting Free Time they have created. Using the variety of art forms they perform (sculpture, graphics, painting, photography, design, installations among others) they often ask questions about how art functions in the world.

Gallery description

Galeria 2 Okna is a young, dynamically growing gallery of modern art placed in the district of Kazimierz, by a cafe with the same name. The gallery took Maria Jarema, a XXth century’s avant garde artist, as its ideological patron. Besides exhibitions 2 Okna also organises concerts, discussions and workshops. The Gallery is supported by Dwie Galicje Foundation. In the cafe, besides multiple reproductions of Maria Jarema’s works, guests can see a rather large mural – an enlarged copy of one of her graphics. Another mural, made by Group 13 and inspired by Jarema’s works, can be seen in the garden.