On the verge


Dorota Goczał


Adriana Mazur


Galeria Dystans
ul. Św. Krzyża 14


The opening will be held on the 22nd of October at 6pm in the sanitary regime. Limited number of places.


Exhibition open on Sunday
18.10 between 11am and 6pm,
19.10-23.10 between 2pm and 6pm,
24.10-25.10 between 11am and 6pm

Event description

Dorota Goczał brings painting back to the starting point. Colour, almost uniform, massive, dominating, overwhelms with its depth. Viewers are being stopped from losing themselves by precise ‘cuts’ in the form, shifts revealing the whiteness of the canvas. It is like light, opening our eyes for what is hidden, creating colour tones, showing stresses in the structure of the image and mutual influence shapes have on themselves. They are drifting on the canvas, fall over the edges, clash with their sides, catch on their points, clinging to every possibility to stay in the frame.

Gallery description

Dystans Gallery is a place born from the need to present the best modern Polish art and its goal is to discover, promote and sell works of young artists who have great skill and originality in the way they show their message. In our space, located in the center of Cracow, personalities from the world of painting, sculpture and graphics are being born and presented.