Biological crush zone



Betina Bożek, Grzegorz Bugaj, Zofia Hyjek, Kamil Kukla, Pierre Matsas, Julia Siuda, Weronika Szwarnóg, Dariusz Vasina, Bartosz Zaskórski, Piotr Zięba


Bartosz Zaskórski


Galeria Floriańska 22
ul. Floriańska 22/ 1st floor

Event description

Biological Crush Zone is an area the size of a country stretching between wild garbage dumps in the north or south. It functions outside the cities and concrete structures created by the mineral-urban culture. Watched from a safe distance it resembles a glow on the horizon reminding us of war, fire, a walking forest, a nuclear crisis or some other monstrosity – you can see that something is constantly going on there. This area includes shattering, crushing, overwhelming, rubbing, trampling, wrinkling, crumbling, trembling, trampling, stamping, trampling, grinding, driving, ramming, trampling, ironing, breaking, destroying, pressing, kneading, draping, folding, minting and generating various types of pulp.

Gallery description

The Biological Crush Zone Collective

Ten artists joined by the common creative area, the so-called biological crush zone. In this area they have created their own language based on graphics and drawing. A part of this biological and abstract world will be on display in the Floriańska 22 Gallery in Cracow.