Piotr Pasiewicz


Ewa Kawałko


Galeria Kolekcjoner
ul. Czarnowiejska 13/5


Opening will be held on the 19th of October at 6.30pm


The exhibition will be available from 19.09 and will be open 11am. to 6pm,
24.10 – 25.10. between 1pm and 6pm

Event description

Abstract organic forms meet and penetrate each other on multiple planes: canvas, paper, fabric, nature. Paintings, graphics, movies, graffitis and performances. Pasiewicz is courageously creating in every space. It is a very consistent and, at the same time, diverse art. It is continuously evolving but still has a common point – artist’s sensitivity, which can be found in every piece of work. Creative energy, variety of tools, shape and colour, unlimited number of forms of expression gives a lot of opportunities for individual interpretation.

Gallery description

Assistance in purchasing and creating private art collections. Sale and renting of works of art for institutions. Representing customers on auctions. Monitoring Polish and foreign art market. Supporting and promoting young Polish artists. Designing and building interiors and choice and arranging art in them.