Galeria O

A performance entitled ‘Linia’ will take place during the opening / Monika Kiwak, Daria Rzepiela

Start: 12.04.2019, Time: 6 pm

Address: 10/1 Jan Matejko street


Monika Kiwak, Daria Rzepiela, Iwo Rzepiela, Pola Wełna, dr Tomasz Wełna


Daria Rzepiela

Event description

…what other value will substitute the value of owning. In my opinion, it will be the value of an act. /Andrzej Pawłowski/

The line as a record of a gesture is the main theme connecting the elements of this exhibition: the opening performance hovering over the border of the real and the virtual world, workshops and the musical finale.

Gallery description

The O Gallery is supervised by the O co-operative, founded by Daria Rzepiela and Tomasz Wełna. Its first activity is an artistic project called Live Line during KRAKERS 2019. The O Gallery is an ephemeral creation, periodically materializing itself in the atelier by the 10 Matejko square in Cracow to showcase works of modern artists.