Agnieszka Bartak-Lisikiewicz


Anna Miljanović


Galeria Off-Frame
ul. Krakowska 41


The opening of the “Mythologies” exhibition: 23.10, 6pm

Event description

The exhibition talks about the discrepancy present in items. A split between their material form and the ideas those objects bring. About those situations, when the imagination covers the real look, value or usefulness of an item, and the story begins to dominate the form. About projections – stories associated with the object, aspirations it carries, views of the surrounding we have taken the object from. About neverending fun, when a stick becomes a gun, a tool becomes a souvenir, a symbol of the cult becomes an object of the cult itself, a picture becomes a proof of existence, a vehicle – a status symbol.

Agnieszka Bartak – Lisikiewicz

Graduate of the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Works with paintings, photography, objects, takes an interest in art being on the border classic categories of art.

Gallery description

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