Marek, we miss you!



Ewelina Galla, Wiktoria Kieniksman, Mateusz Kordas, Michał Malinski, Sebastian Mikoś, Olha Synyshyn, Małgorzata Wowczak, Paweł Zięba, Jagoda Czarnowska


Ewelina Galla, Małgorzata Wowczak, Paweł Zięba, Sebastian Mikoś, Mateusz Kordas


Galeria Szaber
ul. Stradomska 27/9


Opening: 25.10 at 6pm

Event description

We had a cool friend during studies. He was fun and made quite good art, we rather liked him. One day in the first year he simply didn’t show up to classes. He said he got bored or something. We still hung out with him, despite his disappearance from the Academy. Two months ago he disappeared completely, leaving all our messages unanswered. We don’t know what happened to him. Marek, wherever you are, we hope you won’t mind if we make an exhibition in your room.

Gallery description