Lofoten – my comebacks


Andrzej Rolka, Kai Rolka


Piotr Koralewski


Galeria trzecie Oko
ul. Bocheńska 5


On Sunday (18.10) exhibition is open at 7pm.

More information on website www.trzecieoko.com

Event description

Lofoten – my comebacks. The landscapes of the wild north enchanted people for centuries, and it is very difficult to resist the attraction of a faraway paradise of Norwegian islands of Lofoten, located beyond the Arctic Circle. There is always beauty to discover no matter what weather or time of year and day.

Andrzej Rolka, a traveller and photographer, is an expert on Lofoten. His best photographs taken during many trips will be presented on the exhibition entitled ‘Lofoten – my comebacks’.

Gallery description

Private Photographic Gallrey existing in Cracow for 9 years. Organized exhibitions of exceptional photography artists from all over the world. The gallery cooperates with Leica, a producer of optic and photographic equipment. The gallery participated in three editions of KRAKERS.