Recycling of stories without a punch


Magdalena Daniec


Justyna Michalik Tomala


Galeria Zalubowski
ul. Berka Joselewicza 21/2


Exhibition open from Wednesday the 21st to Friday the 23rd of October between 4pm and 6pm and on Saturday the 24th of October from 3.30pm to 6pm

Event description

The exhibition will show the Artist’s oil paintings in which a recycled objects plays an important role, and two series of works on cardboard: Recycled landscapes and Very small pictures made from paper. What inspired the Artist were humble objects, pieces of paper, cardboard, pictures, all found in random reality or the family archive. Fascinated by their texture and color the Artist puts them in the space of paintings, giving them new life and meaning. She subtly provokes the viewers to create their own narrations deriving from these (not)random juxtapositions.

Gallery description

The Zalubowski Gallery and the Zalubowski Drawing School organize exhibitions, lectures, workshops and confrontations. As an art promoter, the gallery has a non commercial character. It supports the art school by presenting valuable artistic phenomena taking place in its spaces. Most events in the gallery is related to Cracow’s School of Graphics, focusing on media associated with drawing and graphics.