Time and foam

Collective exhibition of 30 artists associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow


Michał Zawada


Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Promotional Gallery, Paintings Gallery
ul. Basztowa 18


Opening 24.10 at 6pm


Exhibition will be open from 21.10.

Event description

In 1989 Gerard Grisej finished ‘Le Temps et l’Ecume’, a work inspired by Wheeler’s concept. He thought that the spacetime fluctuates as a quantum foam – agitations and vortexes noticeable only in Planck’s scale, however this hypothesis was never proven right. The ‘Time and foam’ exhibition doesn’t try to get closer to the forces ruling spacetime. Similar to Grisey’s gesture it builds metaphors which create constellations illuminating questions in the face of elusiveness, relativity and inconsistency of time in which we are immersed.

Gallery description

The Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow is an interdisciplinary exhibition space placed at 18 Basztowa street. It’s the representative gallery of the Academy, so its activities’ profile is very wide. It showcases the collective, individual and problematic exhibitions of Polish and foreign artists, cooperates with all of the Academy’s faculties, other galleries and cultural institutions, museums and foundations. Thanks to its location, the Gallery of The Academy of Fine Arts joins the main building of the Academy and the Promotional and Painting Galleries placed inside it with the space of the city.