Geometry of unrest


Urszula Śliz, Tobias Stengel


Agata Małodobry


Nuremberg House
Skałeczna 2


13/06 | 4 p.m.-7 p.m.

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Event description 

The dialogue between Urszula Śliz and Tobias Stengel refers to the idea of logical organization of reality – it confronts mathematical and philosophical systems with the subjectivity of the way artist’s look. They place their art between the rationality of a scientific description of the world and trying to capture the unknowable. They both look for cracks in a seemingly perfect monolith of geometric abstraction. The exhibition will show paintings, drawings, graphics and spatial forms.

Description of the place

The Nuremberg House Gallery was founded in 2011 and organizes exhibitions of artists from Cracow, Germany, international projects and presentations of art in public spaces. We host annual exhibitions of Women’s art (in March) and, as part of the Conrad Festival, exhibitions combining visual art with literature (in October and November). Due to its character our institution cooperates with Academies of Fine Art in Cracow and in Nuremberg as well as many galleries in both cities.