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Ewa Kawecka, cooperation Bogdan Łątka


there aren’t, weren’t and won’t be any


Artistic action taking place on May 12th-19th, 2023, at 3 pm in the previously indicated locations. Locations will appear on the FB page of the event (, every day at 2 pm


Art Always Wins! …but who is this war with? Maybe it’s not a war, maybe it’s games? Bambik asks. Ewa Kawecka, whose existence has evolved from a continuous form into a pulsating one, has been dealing with the “art of giving” for years. She masterfully distributes energy, time, ideas, knowledge and skills. This year, in may, she will be handing out candy trophies. First come first served!


Ewa Kawecka deals with visual activities at the intersection between media art and classical painting. She perceives her creative history as influenced by both conceptual activities from Central and Eastern Europe as well as sensual experiences of colorist painting and expressionism. She is fascinated by the afterimages of contemporary and past psychological theories as well as the processes in which hyper emotionality is combined with pure logic.

She graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow – diploma with honors in the studio of prof. Leszek Misiak 2003, 2006 Scholarship at the Universität für angewandte Kunst in Vienna. In the years 2011-2013 she ran the Łącznik gallery in Cracow, which at that time organized about 30 exhibitions. Since 2012, she has been collaborating with Cracow Art Week KRAKERS. Currently, she divides her time between Poland and the historic Friesland.