Marta Borgosz, Adam Chmielowiec, Jacek Dłużewski, Jarosław Grulkowski, Łukasz Huculak, Marek Jakubek, Jacek Jarczewski, Paweł Jarodzki, Janusz Jaroszewski, Joanna Kaucz, Piotr Kmita, Dilay Kocogullari, Anna Kołodziejczyk, Marek Kulig, Bogna Kozera-Radomska, Daria Milecka, Kamil Moskowczenko, Sylwia Mucha, Jarosława Pabich-Szmyt, Przemek Pintal, Wojciech Pukocz, Bartosz Radziszewski, Piotr Saul, Krzysztof Skarbek, Michał Sikorski, Norman Smużniak, Anna Szewczyk, Krzysztof Wałaszek


Jacek Dłużewski, Przemek Pintal


Open Studio Gallery
Dietla 11/100


13/06 | 6 p.m.


18/06 | 7 p.m.

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Event description 

An exhibition about the light deficit, skewed natural proportions of conscious and unconscious, disrupted view of the world and values pushed into the shadows and darkness. Or about existential cognitive dissonances: truth/post-truth, science/managed ‘science’, covidians/noncovidians. A collective exhibition of artists from the E.Geppert Academy of Fine Art in Wrocław who – in the expanded, contemporary form of drawing, using paintings, objects, site-specific and multimedia installations – are questioning.

Description of the place

The Open Studio Gallery has existed in Cracow since 1995. It is the oldest noncommercial gallery led by a group of artists from the Open Studio Artistic Association. Working without institutional support, through artists’ selfless commitment, they’ve organized more than 300 exhibitions of young and middle generation artists from Poland and abroad. Several dozens of performances, lectures, promotions of publications and discussions and, in recent years, events related to theater and poetry.