Hotel Polski
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Start: 12.04.2019, Godzina: 5 pm

Address: 17 Pijarska street, level -1


Jan Wolski, Konrad Żukowski

Event description

BLACK METAL BDSM. This exhibition rearranges the underground hotel lobby. The expensive, cozy and sophisticated interior will be combined with objects and paintings related to the exhibition’s topic. A hotel is a place where everybody can be alone with their deepest kept fantasies, for a fee. Its rooms hide their secrets, however, the lobby is a place which connects and collects visitors, seemingly calm in their own manias.
The exhibition will be shown in the Hotel, on the underground floor.

Gallery description

In agreement with the Hotel’s manager we will rent the lobby and the bar on the -1 level and rearrange the interiors. The exhibition will be open between the 11th and the 14th of April.