KRAKERS Cracow Art Week 20198-15.04.2019IDEA

Cracow Art Week is what Cracow Gallery Weekend, a project started in 2012 to promote
contemporary art in Cracow, evolved into. As previously, the aim is to provide a platform for
communication, education and promotion for the artistic community and the inhabitants of our city.
The organizers of Cracow Gallery Weekend decided to turn it into a weeklong event and as the
main theme they chose the word ‘LEAP’, as its meaning contains the dynamics and a rapid change
of place. The first edition of art week is, as usual, a presentation of contemporary art. Through filling those
seven days with exhibition openings, performances, meetings and panel discussions we clash long
established galleries with ephemeral project rooms which gives a unique opportunity find out more
about Cracow’s art world. It is worth mentioning that during Cracow Art Week the entities invited
to cooperate are showing displays created for this event.
Every year we’re gaining new grounds and participants, both artists and the spectators. Besides
many exhibitions in the well known galleries, we continue to reveal new spots and inspire people to
open more places to showcase art.
Cracow Art Week aims to help to discover the artistic specifics of our city. Its participants,
following the map and the programme, see new initiatives, creators and their work. They can also
take part in gallery walks, enroll in workshops, meetings and panel discussions with artists and
market experts.
Rich and diversified programme and collaboration with public institutions means that the weekend
is simply not enough to fit all the events, which is why in 2019 we’re turning into an Art Week as
many European cities, Berlin or Paris among them, did before