Installation in the city space

Szymon Kobylarz
Pythagoras saving a tree

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Bright orange, highly reflective sculpture made out of scrap metal bars and tubes. It is a simplified human figure supporting a dead tree with a isosceles right triangle. The size of the sculpture had been adjusted to the shape of the tree and has, in its highest point, 250cm.. This crouching figure is struggling to push the hypoteneuse of the triangle. The tree is going to fall down because of gravity while the man is trying to reverse the movement. It is said that the pythagoreans saw the world as the harmony of opposites. This tree is standing among others, carelessly twisted trees that were mistakenly marked with orange dots. It is distant from two paths surrounding it, but it’s visible from both of them. In the background you can hear church bells, nearby street and Białucha river which is called Prądnik a few kilometers earlier and which is flowing into Vistula. We’re in a park, close to the boulevard in Dąbie. A walk to the Main Market would take us 45 minutes. The approximated coordinates are 50º 3′ 41.26″ N 19º 59′ 2.539″ E. This tree isn’t any different from 3 000 000 000 000 others in the world, and yet it is completely different.