people, avatars, pixels, images, signals, sounds, waves, things, scents, sounds more or less associated with UKRAiNATV and #StreamArtStudio and PinkStage


Roman Dziadkiewicz, Faina Fisher, Artur Zahreba, nuarrrrrr, Erwin  Jeneralczyk, Aneta Sieniawska, Alina Bilecka, Jacek Złoczowski and otherz.


23A Berka Joselewicza Street

Closing day

17.06.2022, 4:20 pm – until the last police arrival

Exhibition open

Start: 12.06.2022, 4:20 pm – 7:30 pm
13-17.06.2022, 4:20 pm – 7 pm


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Green is a combination of blue and yellow, i.e. #hope. It is the color of nature, vacations, rest, freshness and naivety. We are summing up the months of fighting on the green spaces of #StreamArtStudio UKRAiNATV green screens and green boxes and we are opening the cucumber time (also known as the silly season). We are showing and remixing the most interesting excerpts from the UKRAiNATV archive along with the premiere works of invited people, avatars, data, machines, signals, DJs, artists and designers. During the entire week of Krakers, you can visit us and connect. We are finalizing the whole thing with a hybrid exhibition closing  – a long #metaefir – on Friday, June 17, 2022 from 4:20 pm.

Gallery info

 #StreramArtStudio is a hybrid bush. A joint initiative of the 36.6 foundation, the UKRAiNATV editorial team and the Faculty of Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in KRK.