It’s not paranoia, it’s common sense


Wiktoria Kieniksman, Kamil Konrad Kukla, Mateusz Kordas, Michał Maliński, Sebastian Mikoś, Olivia Rosa, Katarzyna Wyszkowska, Paweł Zięba


Wiktoria Kieniksman, Michał Maliński, Sebastian Mikoś, Paweł Zięba


Szaber Gallery
Stradomska 27/9


15/06 | 6:30 p.m.

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Event description

We’re building an all-inclusive bunker in the home space, which will be a dormant museum of questionable value at the same time.We are contradicting the idea of a shelter inviting strangers into our safe space, but this is only because it would be impossible to make a bunker only for the artist. We are sharing our safety, our created world not only for the chosen ones. We do not promise survival, but rather a pleasant hibernation.

Description of the place

Our space is mostly a studio which turns into a gallery. We create visual narrations based on pure nonsense associations, we promote alternative narrations playing out in our minds. We have school and absurd in common. Recent exhibitions: ‘Marek, we miss you! (Krakers)’, ‘Ikeabiotomoto’.