Increased observation


Monika Szydłowska


Jan Fejkiel


Jan Fejkiel Gallery
ul. Sławkowska 14


Exhibition open Monday to Friday 12pm-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm-3pm

Event description

The aim of the Increased observation is to get to know supposedly well known objects/situations all over again. Breaking away from usual patterns and cultural norms. Redefining through attention, noticing, duration. It’s all about releasing people from routine and showing them a new take on everyday life. I save my observations as drawings and graphics. They are an attempt to organize a world that is surrounding me. I use an economical formal language: black ink and white paper. I reflect the pursuit of simplicity and minimalism in common excess.

Gallery description

Gallery of graphics and drawing founded in 1991, conducts commercial and editorial activities, organizes exhibitions. Held 122 individual and 40 collective exhibitions of, among others, JFG Collection, Stockholm 1991; Ironic portrait, Cracow, Bergisch-Gladbach, Amersfoort, 1993/4; Stone, metal, wood, computer, Cracow 1994, Polish graphics – French poets, St.Nazaire 1994/1999; Element and method, Liege 1996, Cracow 1997; Visible/Invisible, Turchin Center fot the Visual Arts, Boone NC, USA, 2012/2013; Reality and its variations, Reykjanes Art Museum, Iceland, 2019.