Start: Monday, 08.04, 5pm

Address: 7 Kapucyńska street


Rafał Zelek, Mateusz Stanuszek, Klaudia Opoka, Aleksandra Zając, Nina Maria Szukała, Jadwiga Hernas, Gabriela Stokłosa, Wiktoria Lewandowska, Damian Sobecki, Filip Czaja, Erwin Jeneralczyk


Filip Czaja, Jadwiga Hernas, Erwin Jeneralczyk, Wiktoria Lewandowska, Klaudia Opoka, Damian Sobecki, Mateusz Stanuszek, Gabriela Stokłosa, Nina Maria Szukała, Aleksandra Maria Zając, Rafał Zelek

Event description

Artistic and curatorial experiment during which 11 second year students of the Faculty of Intermedia on the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow turned themselves into curators of their undertakings. Those endeavours combine together into a network of mutual relations, dialogues, connections and research of not normative, expanding beyond a simple exhibition, tactics and strategies used by curators. FINGERS are 11 different expositions, films, concerts, interventions, workshops and walks presented in various places and integrated into one project with common identification and research potential.

Gallery description

The Headquaters of the PALUSZKI project is in the house on 7 Kapucyńska street. The cellar, attic and selected common areas will become the exhibition space. The office/contact point will be set up in one of apartments. The actions within the project take place in various places in Cracow and outside of the city. For the closing event, for example, we would like to invite you to Pcim. The whole venture is an ephemeral one, meant for research. We are testing not normative curatorial tactics, expanding beyond galleries, performative forms of art’s presence in the cities life as well as real and virtual social platforms (for example Instagram, preschool, car or a showcase…)

08.04.19 | DEEPER FILTH
5pm | The Dungeon – 7 Kapucyńska street
Documentation, realism, filth. The exploration of unpopular topics and places that remain fogged and unpleasant.
Body and its surroundings, the closest space, the light and the dark. Color, drowsiness, vision, whirl, unusuail interpretations.
Two ways.
Curator: Rafał Zelek

09.04.19 | KIDARTISTS
3pm | 37 Tysiąclecia estate, Preschool 148
A project prepared by children from the preschool 148 and the students of Cracow’s Academy of Fine Arts
Curator: Damian Sobecki

09.04.2019 | The Retrospective of the Philosophical Film Festival
7pm | Supernova Stage
An event promoting hitherto achievements and the future edition of the Philosophical Film Festival.
A showing of short films

10.04.19 | INDICATIONS
3pm | 38/3 Piłsudskiego streets
An unwanted situation. The professors giving a report regarding the state of work on tasks not serving to point.
Curator: Mateusz Stanuszek

10.04.19 | FIVE FIRSTS
4pm | 38/3 Piłsudskiego street
A sensoric picnic. Sight, hearing and fluff
Curator: Wiktoria Lewandowska

11.04.19 ALIKE
7pm | Eszeweria, 9 Józefa street
A multisensual provocation towards a widely understood carnality. Naturality, erotism, tenderness and aesthetics are the reasons for which an intimate and, at the same time common space is created.
Curator: Gabriela Stokłosa

12.04.19 | In the finger
6pm | 7 Kapucyńska street
An exhibition by Damian Masłowski meant to show the whole spectrum of the artist’s perception and his attempts at capturing reality.
Curator: Filip Czaja

12.04.2019 | MELANŻ (tutaj nie bardzo wiem, jak to przetłumaczyć, niby melanż to melange, ale nie jestem przekonany, czy pasuje…) 2.0 (juststars)
7pm | Hevre | 18 Meiselsa street
A party during which a post-dance and rap underground meets the genre’s classics, tangling in electronic dances, perfs, panel discussions, concerts, live-acts and interventions.
Curator: Rom Dziadkiewicz
Coordination: Sandra Pasławska (splndr), Nat Początek

secret time, secret location (information will be given on the event’s facebook page)
A performative exhibition regarding the consumption of art as the most sophisticated commodity.
Small-format gems – drawings from a notebook, photographs, handicrafts, the works of known and unknown, presented in the form of a tasting.
Curator: Jadwiga Hernas

8:30am-1pm | the market at the Nowy square
More and less known artists were invited to create works concerning the ‘Jew in the hallway, money in the pocket’ tradition, and the curator is playing the role of a vendor.
The artists’ list will be available after the event.
Curator: Klaudia Opoka

14.04.19 | INDICATED ACA
12:30pm | The parish of st.Nickolaus the Bishop in Pcim
A lecture about the alcohol addiction through the eyes of witnesses growing up with its stigma.
Curator: Aleksandra Zając

7pm | The PTTK Shelter on Kudłacze
The closing of the ‘Paluszki’ series of initiatives. Excapistic meeting in the wild. Audio-visual concert and open-air open-mic
Curator: Erwin Jeneralczyk