Bożena Knecht


Klub Alchemia (second room)
ul. Estery 5


Exhibition open from 18.10, Monday to Friday between 10am and 12am and on Saturday 10am-4am

Event description

The ‘DOT’ project was created through a dialogue with technology. Sometimes it takes over the control over us – it identifies us. The code is everywhere and takes many forms – PIN codes, passwords etc. It surrounds us. “Remember to remember the code”. Mechanical memory, mechanical, habitual actions, ‘we’re coding ourselves’. PIN – PUK – Password etc. Sometimes I have enough of it, I need freedom. Give me the code or establish the code to myself – my mind, my heart, my interior. Then you will be able to get to know me better, to touch me, make me appear closer. I will also remember the code to your heart. Intuitively the project escaped the premise of a hermetic white gallery to a space in a theoretical disorder. Come in, enter the password…