We would like to invite you to take part in creating the main programme of the second edition of Cracow Art Week KRAKERS in the LABORATORY Section. The aim of this section is to support artistic collectives, students’ activities and debuts. This group is growing each year with more and more of those initiatives submitting their projects to KRAKERS. We would like to address those propositions in a substantive manner while maintaining its egalitarian spirit. Our goal is to select exhibitions which will receive funding enabling their creators to implement the project as they imagined it.

The LABORATORY section, in which the jury selects projects best fitting with the main theme of KRAKERS, examines constantly evolving artistic community of the city. The most interesting initiatives will be incorporated to the main programme of KRAKERS and rewarded by the Organizer.

If you are interested in taking part please fill out the gallery form available at  https://cracowartweek.pl/formularz-labolatorium/ and read the terms of cooperation. The deadline for submissions is 15th of February 2020.