M37A Gallery
The Space of Personality

Start: 11.04.2019, Time: 6:30 pm

Adres: 66/37A Wrocławska street


Anna Sołtysik, Bartłomiej Domagała, Ewa Maria Romaniak


Ewa Maria Romaniak

Event description

The Space of Personality exhibitions shows works that try to catch the delicate interior of the personality. Its range encompasses an unlimited multidimensional area, in which all the constant and variable psycho-physical phenomena, as well as all the actions, experiences and needs of a being surrounded by the borders of the endocarp, the outside shell. The idea of this exhibition is to leap into the inner cosmos, into ourselves to research the space occupied by our consciousness, this vast, borderless inner area.

Gallery description

The M37A gallery is a space of the first atelier of the M37A group, where its first exhibition took place. Since 2015 the space of the gallery functioned according to the group’s needs, being an atelier, an apartment, a meeting place and an exhibition space.
Its main goal is to showcase the works created by artists associated with the M37A group in an intimate area, allowing to engage in a dialogue between the creator and the audience and also to create a common field of action regardin the concept of space in its different aspects – physical space (exhibitions Space of Sketches, 2015, Space of an estate, 2016, Space of a street, 2017) and mental (Structures of relationships, 2017 and Space of endocarp, 2017).