Martyna Borowiecka: The author’s guided tour of “A little drop of poison” exhibition


Martyna Borowiecka


Agnieszka Gołębiewska


Shefter Gallery
Jabłonowskich Street 6/4

guided tour

10.06.2022, 5 pm

Exhibition open

14-17.06.2022, 2-6 pm

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“A little drop of poison” tells about the moment of excess, the achievement of the crisis fulfillment of the formula in which we lived in the world of morbid celebration of consumer bliss. Martyna Borowiecka shows female protagonists, or rather their images divided into parts by culture, aestheticized and constantly being corrected, but still being strong and aware of their power. The drop of poison mentioned in the title soaks everything and the women stir in their witch kitchens like alchemists. (Agnieszka Gołębiewska)

Gallery info

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