Na Podwórka + Jagiellonian University Performatics Science Club
Pass me this lost bucket

Start: 11.04.2019, Time: 7 pm

Address: 6 Kadecka street

(The exhibition, at the request of the organizers, has been moved to the address: 4 Kadecka street)


Anna Skrzypczyk, Martyna Kiełka, Sylwia Mieczkowska, Nikola Olszak, Michał Korda, Arek Dec, Jana Moroz, Aleksander Sovtysik, Danuta Turkiewicz

Event description

I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so excited! After many months of hard work, we’ve finally found an artifact that might be crucial to our research. By coincidence one of the technical workers took off the lid of something we took for a well. As it turned out there was no water inside, while the samples showed a yet unidentified gas. Maybe it’s a thing similar to what we know as a chimney.
I can’t wait to start field work again.
S. J, 20/05/2100

Gallery description

To The Yard is a socio-artistic initiative, an experiment aiming to discover new dimensions of Cracow’s backyards. Forgotten time-spaces are being revived and the link between organisms with the environment reconnected. We study the dynamics of local issues, evolutionary adaptations, transformations of the forms of life and death and the creation of new hybrids. It’s not romantism, it’s just the post-truth breaking in from the future.