Iwona Demko, Katarzyna Kukuła, Małgosia Rozenau, Śom,Wioletta Jania, Ksenia Gryckiewicz, Ola Młynarczyk Gemza, Agata Szymanek, Tyśka Samborska, Marysia Michoń, Majka Natalia, Kat Hanula, Sandra Bąk, Jagoda Woźny,Elżbieta Suchecka, Maja Krysiak


Jagoda Woźny i Katarzyna Kukuła


NAGA Gallery
Bonobo, Mały Rynek 4


Closing 25.10 at 6pm

Event description

‘Incarnation’ is a concept of an exhibition curated by Jagoda Woźny and Katarzyna Kukuła. 14 artists working in various media take part in this exhibition. The project began in NAGA Modern Art Gallery in Sosnowiec. It is a wandering space, a matrix for art, a womb for a fertile thought, a house for ideas, a server for projects and a board of dreams. NAGA now comes to Cracow. Bonobo (a bookstore and a traveller’s cafe) will combine the wandering gallery, female introspection and travellers’ world. The artists will take the audience for an expedition into themselves, while the place will inspire to make a journey through the world. They will meet in a special moment, during KRAKERS Cracow Art Week 2020, to check whether they could find a common language and a common ground. How much difference there is between the outside world and an internal experience, or is it just simply one reflects the other while not being meaningless and without influence on each other?

The exposition creates a compilation of works made on the base of experience coming from the fact of owning a body. From this perspective a woman looks at her own physicality, her senses and experiences. We are considering multiple aspects of having a physicality, spirituality and psychic in the context of modern times. We turn on our hearts and senses to guide the audience through the feminine dimension of experiencing reality. We operate on multiple levels – external, internal and mysterious. We encourage co-experiencing often difficult aspects of femininity related to living through events, emotions, social conditions we are living with at the beginning of the XXIst century.