New Era Art Gallery

Isolated exercise

Start: 12.04.2019, Time: 7 pm

Address: 27 Main Market Square


Mateusz Hajdo


Anna Pichura

Event description

I would like to research the movement. To infinitely watch a certain scenic dance, which repeats itself, whilst each time showing something new. I don’t want to interrupt it, just slowly analyzing its range and let it go, let it crawl, let it continue.
We see a static object and a moving one. An object unlike any other, moving rather randomly, slowly, having a life of its own. An elusive purposefulness of movement, unclear motoric functions with a deliberate synchronization error. A crack caused by a clumsy leap.

Gallery description

The New Era Art gallery operates as part of the Jan Potocki’s New Era Art Foundation for Promoting and Development of Art aiming at promoting young artists and supporting art and culture. The gallery is located in the ‘Pod Baranami’ Palace in the heart of the Main Market Square.