CRACOW ART WEEK 2021: (NO) HOPE / 10 EDITION 13th and 20th June2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the first edition of KRAKERS. Through this decade hundreds of artists, gallery owners, critics, curators, animators, managers and volunteers have worked on each edition of the event. KRAKERS became well known with its range constantly expanding and eventually crossing the borders of the city. This year’s edition will take place in Cracow between the 13th and the 20th of June. Through the [...]

Open call

Deadline for submissions 3rd of May Results 10th of May Presentation 13th - 20th of June OPEN CALL unrealized projects of ‘Polish art’ of the last decade (2010-2020) The East of Art Foundation in cooperation with Lotny Dom Wydawniczy and the Pedagogical University in Cracow would like to invite artists to submit the project they didn’t realize in the last decade. There are hundreds of [...]

Exhibition “Pierwszy zmysł” in Cricoteca – important message!

Exhibition "Pierwszy zmysł" in Cricoteca - important message For the safety of the public, Pierwszy Zmysł changes the form of its exhibition as part of Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2020: Art: an open concept. Statement by Pierwszy Zmysł"Dear visitors!Your safety is the most important to us, therefore, in the current epidemiological situation, we invite everyone to the exhibition, but so far in a slightly changed form. At the moment, we are forced to give up the tactile experience of [...]

Museum of Photography in Krakow – important message

Museum of Photography in Krakow Due to the epidemic threat related to the COVID-19 virus, Muzeum Fotografii w Krakowie cancels all its accompanying events organized as part of this year's edition of Cracow Art Week: Art: an open concept. Statement by MuFo representatives: "Ladies and Gentlemen in connection with the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic and the introduction of new sanitary restrictions, we are forced to cancel the events planned by the Museum of Photography, which were to take place as [...]

Important message!

Important messaage! This year's Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2020: Sztuka pojęcie otwarte had to be organized in difficult times. Bearing in mind the epidemic threat with the COVID-19 virus, we urge you to remember three safety rules while participating in the events organized as a part of the Cracow Art Week KRAKERS:social distancecovering the mouth and nose with a protective maskhand disinfectionWe also recommend adhering to the internal rules while visiting exhibitions, which will be communicated to you by individual [...]


The last call to the ‘Laboratory’ section!This is the last day to submit your project to the LABORATORY Section of Cracow Art Week KRAKERS 2020!The projects can be submitted before midnight on Saturday, 15th of February 2020.The LABORATORY Section is looking for creators, curators, curatorial and artistic groups, ephemeral initiatives, students and debutants whose ideas for exhibitions best reflect the slogan ART - THE OPEN CONCERT.The best and most interesting projects, chosen in a competition, will be included in the [...]

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