Ogniwo Cooperative
Smolki 11a


Laboratory Section


Elżbieta Łapczyńska, Katarzyna Ożgo, Marta Szumna-Mitek, Joanna Tracz, Przemek Czepurko, Ola Lewandowska-Ferenc, Aleksandra Byrska and guests


Aleksandra Byrska, Ola Lewandowska-Ferenc


Ogniwo Cooperative
Smolki 11a


19.04.2024 – 17:00


19–21.04.2024 – 15:00–20:00


We are Sphinga – our riddles let emotions out into the world. What happens when you untangle all your tongues? Let them out into the wild.

Weave nonsense, braids, follies – weave a chatter with us about being unstoppable, about life and emotions.

Come and write fabric-text with us: add, embroider, sew, draw, glue. Tell a story with us about tongues in the wild and braids that go rogue. Let’s sit together, talk, weave. Let’s weave a story. Together.


Ogniwo Cooperative is a work cooperative that runs an independent cultural center. It organizes and hosts hundreds of events: author meetings, conferences, stand-ups, film screenings, and even concerts and dance parties. It runs a popular reading club. It cooperates with numerous associations, trade unions, science groups and informal groups.

One of them is the Sfinga Association, whose name is the rarely used feminine noun for “sphinx.” Our goal is to support women and girls with special focus on their creative (especially writing) abilities. Our activities stem from the belief that creativity is a field that can be empowering in many ways, as well as create community and help open up to sharing experiences, build a safe space to break down barriers and fears, and narratively work through harmful, patriarchal patterns.


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Ogniwo Cooperative | Smolki 11a