Lady Dada


Lena Berg (NO), Nadia Bournoville (SE/DE), Abigail Child (USA), Daniel Cojocaru (RO/DE), Zuzanna Janin, Bartek Jarmoliński, Monika Mausolf, Kaja Pilch, Bianka Rolando, Sarah Schönfeld (DE), Magdalena Zając


Renata Kopyto, Iwona Demko


Nuremberg House Gallery
ul. Skałeczna 2


Opening between 4pm and 8pm


Exhibition open on
19.10. – 23.10 between 12am and 6pm
24.10. – 25.10 between 11am and 6pm

Event description

Elsa von Freitag, forgotten by the history of art German precursor of the artistic avant garde, was one of the most colorful figures of the boheme in New York in the second decade of the XXth century. Her shows, performed in magnificent costumes on the streets of New York, can be considered as the first performances of happenings, in which Elsa treated her body as a living work of art. The “Lady Dada’ exhibition presents artists who in their work more or less directly reference the baronessa’s art.

Gallery description

The Nuremberg House Gallery exists since 2011 and organizes exhibition of works by artists from Cracow, Germany, international projects and presentations of art in public spaces. Our cyclical projects include annual exhibition of art created by women (in March) and exhibitions combining visual art with literature for Conrad Festival (October and November). Our institution, due to its character, cooperates with Academies of Fine Art in Cracow and Nuremberg, as well as many galleries in both cities.