Deadline for submissions

3rd of May


10th of May


13th – 20th of June

OPEN CALL unrealized projects of ‘Polish art’ of the last decade (2010-2020)

The East of Art Foundation in cooperation with Lotny Dom Wydawniczy and the Pedagogical University in Cracow would like to invite artists to submit the project they didn’t realize in the last decade.

There are hundreds of projects that take part in stipend contests organized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Most of them gets rejected as a result of the lack of recommendation of the commision. Due to a relatively low amount of funds dedicated to the development of visual arts these projects usually never get finished. Many propositions submitted by artists do not come to fruition also in cooperation with institutions arts, municipal, non-governmental and governmental organizations to which they are invited. Not paying the artists for their work, not mentioning about the projects they created but not realized has also become a shameful tradition. All the effort, creativity, energy, time and talent put into the idea just stops existing.

Through open call we would like to collect and publish these projects. All the profit made through sales of the publication will be used to partially compensate the unpaid fees. We invite artists working in Poland to take part in the project. Our aim is to take a look at the projects created between 2010 and 2020 and the reasons for which they were rejected. We would especially like to see non-profit projects dedicated to social issues and research. Projects rejected for legal, political reasons, potentially uncomfortable, difficult, undermining social norms, habits and values. Projects too progressive and not fitting to what the customer wanted.

In our publication we would like to take a closer look at what we have lost and partially compensate artists’ work. We are sure that the unrealized projects are equally important as the ones that were finalized and the reasons for their fate might be a source of information on the political situation, society and the place of Polish art.

The publication will be first presented in Cricoteka during Cracow Art Week KRAKERS No Hope (13th-20th of June)

Curators and coordinators:

Marta Romankiv
Łukasz Surowiec

How to take part?

Fill the form including required attachments. You can submit up to three projects that were meant to be realized in Poland or with Polish patronage (private or state).