Little mirror…




Piotr Zdybał


ul. Konfederacka 4


Opening – information available on Facebook


Exhibition open everyday from 9am to 11pm

Event description

Mythological Narcissus, poor Narcissus. If he had an iPhone or some other phone taking good selfies, he probably would’ve lived longer. Having as many followers as the Kardashians, good take on Tinder and Grindr he migh have become the King of the Internets. To avoid the painful repeat from mythology, NO_PIC_NO_CHAT created ‘The Mirror’. This work invites you to take perfect selfies, to publish them and in the end – enjoy thousands of likes. Better yet – into the bourgeois interiors of PAON the artist placed artifacts from the ‘Excavations’ (Cracow, Lublin, Warsaw) – works exploring the male archetype.

Gallery description

‘PAON’ is a French word for ‘peacock’. At the end of the XIXth century it was the first art cafe in Cracow, a legendary spot for intellectual and artistic orgies for a wide spectrum of Young Poland artists. The new ‘PAON’ is a new space hidden from the curious eyes of tourists in one of the backyards in Dębniki district. An open space, an incubator in which artistic and cultural initiatives meet the bar culture. Three rooms of the cafe, a garden, a gallery of young Polish art and an industrial space for events surrounded by cascades of ivy flowing from the walls.