Kalwaryjska 54

Peculiar States of Emergency

laboratory section


Dominik Setlak


Mariusz Sołtysik


Kalwaryjska 54


19.04.2024 – 19:00


19.04.2024 – 18:00–20:00
20.04.2024 – 16:00–20:00
22–26.04.2024 – 17:00–20:00


The emergency procedure always affects you directly. Nevertheless, focus on the person sitting next to you. On the texture of their skin and the depth of their breathing. Check to see if, sure enough, they need help. Is he or she conscious? Is he/she healthy? Grab her/his hand. Clench your teeth. Again. In this state of limbo, you don’t discover the truth. You only look at what surrounds you. You revisit the moments you have burned out of your memory. Contrary to appearances, this is the first and easiest step. Still relatively sober despite the fumes of prayers, screams and sweat compulsively leaving our bodies.

Being in an emergency situation, you are given an extraordinary privilege, because already in this word glows a pedantic vivisection of places, people and things. The first intense line stratifying our personality. You will stay with him/her until the end only in the physical sense, that is enough. Allow your personality to leap into the whiteness of water, that unique moment defining a mathematical infinite collection of information.


Transtopia Gallery

It was founded in May 2023 in the center of Cracow’s Podgórze district by Dominik Setlak, in cooperation with the artistic “Transtopia” collective . The attic at 54 Kalwaryjska Street is a metaphorical “container.” In the past, it served as a warehouse for a bakery, and later as Richard Swigon’s (Dominik Setlak’s grandfather) cabinet of curiosities. The space, which is a collection of artifacts, gradually changes its function without losing the contexts associated with its previous functioning.

Transtopia is a collective art group founded in 2017. It focuses on the search for signs and theatrical spaces by building narratives and spaces that are “in between” artistic disciplines. It does not shy away from using new technologies, describing its methodology as a Transmedial process. It is not just a theater; in its activities, in addition to realizing performances, it organizes exhibitions and performance activities. In the course of its activities to date, Transtopia has made its mark as a participant and winner of many festivals, competitions and art projects.



Transtopia | Kalwaryjska 54