Pigmalion Project and other stones


Krescenty Grzegorz, Maria Głazik


Piotr Szczur


Pryzmat Gallery
Łobzowska 3


16/06 | 6 p.m.

Event description

Why we see what we see? Why does a photo of a classic sculpture, after a bit of retouching becomes an erotic picture while a photo of an attractive body seems to be a neutral object in the museum? Why do we see a portrait in a rock and a sculpture in a stone? These are the dilemmas I try to share with the audience of my exhibition.

Description of the place

Pryzmat Gallery operates since 1968 and is a part of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers. It presents individual, collective, community, occasional and jubilee exhibitions of Polish and foreign artists. It’s a place of integration for the artistic communities, cooperating with many cultural and artistic institutions. It pushes for a high level of presented art, allowing for diversity of disciplines of modern fine arts. It has an open formula but prioritizes individuality of the creator and originality of the projects and attitudes.