Sara Piotrowska, Maciej Szczęśniak, members of the choir


Sara Piotrowska, Maciej Szczęśniak


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Event description

Rhythm is the most important technique helping to remember things. This is how a song is born, the most democratic form of expressing the anonymous artistic imagination of the people. Choir is what helps people find the right way of participating in this world. It’s a situation, not an abstract, stores memories, collects without analyzing, adds up without inferiority, stays in a homeostasis. With a parodos song we enter the phase zero of art, which continuously grows absorbing next elements of reality to finally become the Earth. (J. Ludwiński).

Sara Piotrowska (1989) and Maciej Szczęśniak (1989), visual artists, alleged cousin, academics, living and working in Cracow and Warsaw, together going after a banana plantation in Brazil, which they might get after Maciek’s childless uncle. They are working mostly site-specific, researching most cases for a long time. They use objects, installations, performances, texts and processes. They are working together since 2015, after they have discovered common interests and kinship of blood, and in 2019 they created the artist-run-space Piotrowska/Szczęśniak atelier in Cracow.

Gallery description

In 2020, facing the radically changing circumstances we’ve turned ourselves from an artistic duo into a Chorus Operating System 2.0. We have become a method of working to implement in any place and context.