Pracownia Telos
Beautiful apartments will be the future.

Start: 11.04.2019, Time: 7:30 pm

Address: 9 Cieszyńska street (1st floor)


Marek Adamiecki, Martyna Borowiecka, Katarzyna Góralczyk, Martyna Kielesińska, Katarzyna Kukuła, Leda, Anna Pichura, Joanna Sitarz, Sylwia Solak, Michał Sroka, Wawrzyniec Woźniak


Bartek Buczek, Leda

Event description

If we were being recorded from afar while running, and the person recording us would zoom in on us using his cell phone it would seem that the horizon spinning in the opposite direction is blurred and is accelerating. Telos is an old factory with a good, iron structure which will be used to build new, fancy apartments. It’s not at all heavy and unmovable. It races us every time the deadline is closing. The end of our runway and apparent fight with the building, the background for our work, is the chasm. The state between the runway and the chasm is the leap.

Gallery description

The exhibition is a grassroots initiative, organized by artists having their ateliers in the area of the former Telkom Telos factory.