Start: Tuesday, 09.04 2019, Time: 7 pm

Address: 4 Konfederacka street


Alicja Gołyźniak, Marcin Szafrański, Konrad Peszko, Stanisław Ligas, Kinga Szawara, Rafał Pogoda i inni


Alicja Gołyźniak, Marcin Szafrański

Event description

Discovering the tension straining itself in exposing the debate of possible and needed as it cuts the internal, inclusive (in) and chronical, externalizing (c’est) in the crossing of the oppressive marking of the inadjustable (incest). Now, to reach the naked core of this exhibition, please strip away the aforementioned of all the excessive babble. What is left? A show. Performance. Video. Installation. A processual exhibition. The first part of a series of projects wrapped around the same conceptual safety thread.

Gallery description

Ephemeral, delocalized and processual gallery showcasing clearances in various closed and open, internal and external spaces. These clearances are there for artistic activities of creators who are paeripherally or centrally frozen in the unconcealedness of the thematic field captured in motionlessness during exhibitions and events. Gallery is being supervised by Alicja Gołyźniak and Marcin Szafrański with the patronage of the Re:Kultura Foundation.