Nuremberg House Gallery
2 Skałeczna Street

Remove the glass splinter from the eye


Yvonne Salzmann, Yuliia Shkvarchuk


Renata Kopyto


Nuremberg House Gallery2 Skałeczna Street


12.05.2023, 6 pm

Exhibition open

12-19.05.2023, 11 am – 6 pm


Yvonne Salzmann found old family photos in her grandmother’s apartment, which inspired her to create a series of collages. The artist applied her own childhood and teenage years photos on the war photos from Norway, where her grandfather was stationed. Yuliia Shkvarchuk photographed Ukrainian cities affected by the war. We do not see the ruins and destruction, we see the wounds inflicted on them and the scars left by them. In Salzmann’s photographs, such unhealed scars are grandpa’s wartime photographs that show through the author’s joyful photos.


Since its conception in 2011 the Nurnberg House Gallery organizes exhibitions of artists from Poland and Germany and is also involved in international projects and presenting art in public spaces. The gallery periodically shows art made by women (in March) and projects combining visual arts and literature as a part of the Conrad Festival (in October and November). Due to the unique character of our institution we collaborate with Academies of Fine Arts in Cracow and Nurnberg and with other galleries in both cities.


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