Shefter Gallery

Performance WetMeWild

Start: 12.04.2019, Time: 7:30 pm


Address: 6 Jabłonowskich street


Justyna Górowska


Anna Batko

Event description

WetMeWild is an incarnation of the Slavic water nymph. It was, according to the myth, a green-haired creature with exceptional seducing skills, living in rivers and forest streams. Brought back to life during the performance it will become a cyber guide to everything connected with the world fresh water crisis, especially plastic pollution and privatization of water sources.

Gallery description

Following the words of Thomas Mann: ‘There is no not-politics. Everything is politics’ we are interesting in two forms of art – the one focusing on its aesthetic aspects and the one trying to be a voice in social and political disputes. We want to cooperate with the younger and older generations of artists, building through this a multithreaded and diverse tale of modern times, not only modern art. Shefter Gallery is a place for an artistic and curatorial experiment, where the process itself is equal to the effect in value.