Green Pleasure


Natalia Kopytko, Krzysztof Marchlak, Małgorzata Wielek-M


Agnieszka Gołębiewska


Shefter Gallery (basement)

ul. Jabłonowskich 6/4


18.10 at 2pm – 6pm – details available on Facebook


Exhibition is open

Sunday (18.10) at 2pm – 6pm
Saturday (19.10) at 2pm – 6pm
Monday (20.10) at 2am – 6pm
Tuesday (21.10) at 12am – 6pm
Wednesday (22.10) at 12am – 6pm
Thursday (23.10) at 12am – 6pm
Friday (23.10) at 12am – 6pm
Saturday (24.10) at 11am – 6pm and
Sunday (25.10) at 11am – 6pm

Event description

„This state of emergency, how beautiful to be

State of emergency, is where I want to be’*

Nature. Just as we remember it. Maybe it is even better. Green Pleasure. Let’s blow the interiors up with the sprouting shoots. Let’s fill all the spaces with a baroque splendor of nature. Shapely movement of grass. A richness of shapes. Nature. We missed it so much.

(*Bjork, Jóga)

Gallery description

We aim to put ourselves on the map of Cracow’s art institutions, while at the same time working and connecting with other institutions and communities in Poland and abroad. We’re equally interested in art that is focused on aesthetics and in the one trying to be the voice in social and political discussions. We want to cooperate with the young and the old generations of creators, building a full, divergent story about modern times, not only about modern art.