Agata Głogowska


Adriana Mazur


Dystans Gallery
Plac Wszystkich Świętych 8


16/06 | 6 p.m.

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Event description

Works by Agata Głogowska are a picture of what is going on on the surface of reality we experience ourselves. Our bodies separate the inside from the outside, what is ours from what is not. Our souls from the objectivity that surrounds us. Our body is a border in which vibrations endless worlds happen and disappear.

Description of the place

Dystans Gallery – Fundacja4Style, is a place created from the need to present the best current Polish art. Its goal is to discover, promote and sell the works of young artists having great skills and are unique in the way they present their work. Alongside the gallery there is a Fundacja4Style foundation set up to curate for young artists. Thanks to the existence of both institutions we can present Polish contemporary art from its beginnings to the full maturity.