Agata Kadenacy, Stanisław Koba, Diana Dyjak Montes de Oca, Bartolomeo Koczenasz, Marco Migliorisi, Maria Wasilewska, Andrzej Wasilewski


Skład Solny
ul. Na Zjeździe 8


The spa will be operating everyday from 6pm to 8pm

Event description

We put down harmful information, miasmas of reality and we dive into nature’s healthy practices. The whole thing is happening in an abstracted and ozonated laboratory and all practices used here are a one-time experiment, for which the artists will not be punished. A weeklong (18.10-25.10.2020) spa will be open every day between 6p.m. and 8p.m. Come and enjoy the treatment!

Gallery description

2010-2020… Ten years of activity, a place, a gallery, a studio.