Start: 12.04.2019, Time: 6:30 pm

Address: 14 Sławkowska street


Mateusz Świderski


Aleksandra Powęzka, Mateusz Świderski

Event description

An interactive installation using a piano as a tool to create both melodies and pictures. The instrument has been modified – sensors were put on the strings to collect information on sounds and chords. This information is then interpreted by the computer which in turn projects pictures all around the cellar. The combination of an analog instrument with digital animation projected creates a bridge between both techniques, generating an interesting parallel of dependencies.

Gallery description

The Inverted Theater – a professional independent theater founded in 2012 by three graduates of the National Academy of Theater Arts in Cracow – Karolina Fortuna, Szymon Budzyk and Radosław Sołtys. It’s an ex-nihilo theater – created from nothing but a common will to create and to make it a means of communication for all people.