public space
FS3 Rampart

Spadzista B Site

Laboratory Section


Ewelina Węgiel – research, idea, text, direction, installation, Filip Turowski – sound, music


Ewelina Węgiel


public space, FS3 Rampart (German feldschanze)


12.05.2023, 5-9 pm

Exhibition open

13.05.2023, 5-9 pm. | 14.05.2023, 2-7 pm | 15.05.2023, 2-7 pm | 16.05.2023, 2-7 pm


Through stories, live music, songs and performances, we will intertwine fictional and non-fictional topics, systematized and non-systematized knowledge to take the audience to prehistory, which, together with new archaeological and anthropological research, seems to look different than we imagined.

Or maybe our ancestors were not fight-loving individuals, but emphatic people who cared for each other? An interspecies meeting, living and non-living people with extremely different experiences, at the intersection of the wanderings of recipients and authors.


50.05660949357605, 19.89726658199255

At the Spadzista B Site (just 3km away from the Main Market Square – it’s only a 30-minute walk, less than a kilometer from the Błonia Park) homo sapiens have been encountered for at least 24,000 years. This is confirmed by discoveries such as flint tools, bones of 86 mammoths. There are few places in the world where so many remains of these animals could be found.

A place under the open sky, with a view of the panorama of Cracow, in a quiet area in Zwierzyniec, among trees, plants, animals, ghosts.


public space, FS3 Rampart (German feldschanze) | al. Mieczysława Małeckiego 16