“Between Heaven and Earth”. Post-competition exhibition of outsider art


outsider art creators


Grażyna Borowik


Stacja Badawcza Outsider Art
ul. Kalwaryjska 29


Exhibition is open 20.10 at 4pm – 6pm and 22.10 at 12am – 2pm 

Event description

The goal of the ‘Between Heaven and Earth’ exhibition is to familiarize the audience with art developing outside the artistic mainstream and still remains unnoticed, mysterious and underappreciated. Guests will have the chance to find out that art brut and outsider art is worth their attention.

Gallery description

The Outsider Art Research Station began its existence in 2018, on the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Psychiatry and Art Association. Through exhibitions, science, cultural, social, publishing and documentary activity the center carries out its statutory activities – cooperation with cultural, educational, health and research facilities, development and promotion of health-oriented initiatives, organizing international science conferences, exhibitions of professional and outsider artists, publishing catalogues and materials on art therapy and psychopathology of expression, helping artistically gifted people remaining in the circle of psychopathological risk.

During the gallery’s inauguration a concert for two brains was played. Music was created and manipulated by the brainwaves of two artists – Janicki and Araszkiewicz. The attendants could listen whilst walking around the gallery, circulating between their footprints (the soles of their shoes were covered in black paint leaving prints on the white floor) and an augmented reality in search for a prescription for their existential movements.

This time the attendants will be subjects of a crash test aiming, of course, at healing.



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