Jakub Pierzchała, Maria Pyrlik, Adam Panasiewicz, Alicja Panasiewicz


Alicja Panasiewicz


St. Wyspiański’s Sapphire Studio

ul. Krowoderska 79


Opening: 18.10 at 8pm


Change of opening hours
The exhibition will be open between 5pm and 8pm

Event description

‘World-ly’ project was inspired by the etymology of the word related to the word ‘world’ and to a well lit, enlightened, wise, bright. The Sapphire Studio – a place where the famous Wyspiański’s landscapes with the Kościuszko Mound at different time of day were painted – will be where projects, objects and installations inspired by light will be presented. Artists taking part in the exhibition will relate to the colour of the natural light and the record of the reception of light in four different times of day: dawn, before noon, at noon and at dusk (7.30a.m.-8.30a.m., 11a.m.-12.30p.m., 1.30p.m.-3p.m., 6p.m-8p.m.)

Gallery description

The project will be created with the Foundation of Stanisław Wyspiański’s House Sapphire Studio – Krowoderska 79. S.Wyspański rented this flat in January 1901 and lived there with his wife, Teodora Teofila, and their children: Teodor, Helena, Mieczysław and Stanisław. The flat was on the second floor and consisted of seven rooms. In the corner room with a balcony and three windows the artist arranged his studio. The walls and the ceiling were painted dark blue, hence the name – ‘sapphire studio’. It is here that Wyspiański finished ‘The Wedding’, written ‘November night’ and ‘Emancipation’, painted portraits of children and motherhood and his famous landscapes with the Kościuszko Mound painted at different times of day. Nowadays it is a place where workshops, exhibitions, artistic residencies and cultural events are being held.