TA | Ewa Kulka


Ewa Kulka

Custody of the curatorial team of the TA Foundation & The Feministic Gallery


Feminist Gallery [in:] OFF FRAME Gallery
ul. Krakowska 41


Curatorial tour of the TA exhibition | Ewa Kulka, 21.10 at 6pm

Event description

Exhibition of painting by Ewa Kulka (1979) prepared with the care of the curatorial team of the TA Foundation and the Feministic Gallery. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow received a diploma with distinction in 2004. Her works are dominated by female characters, intimate atmosphere of everyday life and symbolic carnality. The artist creates mostly large oil paintings using a rich palette of colours, but she also feels good making small, symbolic watercolour works. Many of her works can be found in private collections. Since 2018 she is associated with the Feministic Gallery TA.

Gallery description

We organise temporary exhibitions, we inspire and bring people closer to contemporary art. The main objective of the gallery is supporting the development of rising artists and presenting works of recognized artists working in various media.