Anna Tarko


Karol Krukowski


New Era Art Gallery
Rynek Główny 27


18/06 | 5 p.m.

Event description

The Author has been photographing her family for many years now, but for the last year even more so. The exhibitiuon will showcase black and white photographs presenting fragments of the record of last months. How did last year influence the family’s photo archive? Will we see facemasks and online classes or maybe rather hopes, wishes and memories of what we miss and dream of? Despite this being exclusively about the Author’s family everyone will have a chance to find themselves and their childhoods on these photographs.

Description of the place

The New Era Art Gallery, working under the aegis of the Jan Potocki’s NEW ERA ART Foundation, is located in Pałac pod Baranami in the center of Cracow near the Main Market Square. It was inaugurated on the 9th of November 2012 with an opening of Władysław Hasior’s exhibition. Next, in cooperation with the W.Sz. Foundation it was the first to show Wisława Szymborska’s collages. Ever since the gallery is changing it’s face thanks to young artists and it continues to attract people interested in culture and wanting to see art.

The gallery also opens its doors to people full of passion who put art into their everyday life. It organizes lectures, meetings and workshops during which everyone can awaken their sleeping strenghts.